Welcome to The Standard Club

Guest Information
We are honored to have you accompany a Member for a visit. While using The Standard Club facilities as a guest, the following information is provided as a helpful guideline to guests of TSC's expectation of decorum, dress, and protocol.

Guests are required to be accompanied by a Member at all times. Please check with your hosts prior to visiting the Club. 

Club Policy

All vehicles parked on the Club grounds must be parked within the designated areas. All “no parking” restrictions must be Observed. 

TSC Clubhouse is a non-smoking facility.
Use of cigarettes, cigars, vapes, chewing tobacco, and all other smoking devices is permitted in designated smoking areas outside the Clubhouse which are:
  • The Golf Course and;
  • Smoking areas that are designated with receptacles.

Animals and Pets
Animals or pets are not allowed on the Club premises excepting service animals.

Member Responsibility
Members have a responsibility to ensure that they themselves, their family and their guests comply with TSC Policies. Similarly, each Member is responsible for any policy violations related to themselves, their family and/or their guests.
Members are responsible for any property they, their family members and/or their guests damage.

Technology Policy

Use of Technology:
  • Please set mobile devices to silent/vibrate while on Club premises.
  • The audible use of mobile devices, including placing and receiving of phone calls is permitted in the following areas:
    • Parking lot;
    • Designated phone rooms;
    • Locker rooms;
    • Golf Course;
    • Parking area of practice range;
    • Designated area in the Tennis Facility and;
    • Designated area in Athletic Facility
  • Hand-held devices may be used by children if the devices are muted.
  • Laptops and similar devices used for working purposes are permitted in the following areas:
    • The Library
    • The Brookhaven Lounge prior to 11am
    • Locker Rooms

Dress Code

Country Club Casual attire is permitted inside the clubhouse. 

  • Permitted: Dress denim, collard shirts tucked in, skirts, dresses, slacks, dress sandals, and khaki pants. 
  • Prohibited: Athletic wear, tank tops, cutoffs, swimwear, bare feet, and distressed denim.
  • We ask that you remove your hat while on the main level of the clubhouse, which includes all dining areas. Hats, caps, and visors must be worn with the bill toward the front.

Golf Course
Proper dress is determined by the Professional staff and is at their discretion. Cutoff shorts, denim shorts, string/halter tops, swimming attire, blue jeans, and denim shorts are not permitted.
Shirts are to remain tucked in at all times, and hats must always be worn with the bill facing forward.

Tennis/Pickleball Courts

All players using the courts and facilities must wear appropriate tennis clothing. Athletic tee-shirts, tops, dresses, leggings, and shorts are permitted. Cut-offs, ripped shirts, crop tops, denim, and swimwear are not permitted. All players must wear regulation tennis shoes on the courts. 

Pool Facilities

Proper attire will be worn when using the pool facilities. All Members must wear a swimming suit in the pool. All children not potty trained must wear a swim diaper while in the pool. Because Food & Beverage facilities are provided at the pool, no swim attire will be allowed in the Clubhouse and no outside food and beverage is permitted at the pool. 

Wellness Center

Proper workout attire must be worn at all times. Cutoff shorts, bathing suits, and jeans are not considered proper attire. Proper footwear must be worn at all times to prevent injury – No bare feet allowed.