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The Standard Club History

The Standard Club, the oldest social club in Atlanta, is the outgrowth of the old Concordia Club, which was founded in 1867 when Atlanta was emerging from the charred ruins of the war between the States. 
There are not many existing records of the Club’s early history, the majority dating from 1904, when reorganization under its present name of The Standard Club was consummated.
The day following its reorganization, the following comment appeared in the Atlanta Journal:
“The auspices under which The Standard Club starts make it certain that the new Club will at once take high rank among the social organizations of the city.  The members are great lovers of music, art and social pleasures, and it is certain the Standard will be the scene of many notable receptions and musicals.”
The Club has made four major location moves.  In 1904, when reorganized, it located in a building at the corner of Mitchell and Forsyth Streets.  In 1922, with a membership of barely 100, the Club acquired the handsome residence of William D. Sanders, at that time one of the leading residential areas of the city.  In 1929, with the trend of population moving ever northward, the Club purchased a lot at 400 Ponce de Leon Avenue, and erected a beautiful Georgian building to accommodate its ever-growing membership, which now numbered over 200.
The miraculous growth of Atlanta during the 30’s and 40’s far outstripped these beautiful facilities, and in 1946, with over 300 members, the Club acquired over 165 acres located on Roxboro Road.  Because it had been determined that many additional facilities were needed if the Club was to continue to accommodate its membership, the Roxboro location included an 18-hole golf course as well as outdoor and indoor tennis facilities.
After 24 years at this location, it became apparent that the Club needed new facilities closer to the area of greatest population growth in the Atlanta area, the north.  The proposal to move was defeated at a special meeting of the Club membership in 1970.
Again, in 1983 the Directors of the Club determined that it would be in the best interest of the Club to move from Roxboro Road to a location in the northern end of the County.  In addition to declining membership, the value of the property was increasing every year, and taxes and water bills were increasing.  Although the Club had a special contract covering water to use for watering the golf course, it was doubtful whether that would be continued by the County as greater demands were made on its water system.  An agreement was reached with Technology Park/Atlanta for an exchange of property under which Technology Park would build a new club, golf course, swimming pool, and other facilities to the Club’s specifications, and would then exchange the property for the Roxboro Road property.
Then, in 1987, The Standard Club accepted a land swap agreement with Technology Park/Atlanta and relocated to Duluth in the north Atlanta area.  The Club’s membership immediately increased, reaching its present membership.  As contrasted the earlier facilities where bowling and billiards were the recreational activities, the Club is primarily a golf and tennis club.
The Club is now located on a magnificent tract of land of over 300 acres. The Clubhouse is over 125,000 square feet and includes a Grand Ballroom and Formal Ballroom for events, a casual dining room, a private dining room, a Member bar, a half-size basketball court, a weight and exercise room, a racquetball court, four indoor tennis courts, seven outdoor clay courts, four outdoor hard courts, and four outdoor pickleball courts.
The Standard Club History

The golf course is an 18-hole championship course and was designed by Arthur Hills. It has been recognized as one of the top golf courses in Georgia. In 1996 we were given an honorary award at the US Open in Michigan for our work with the Audubon program. The Standard Club was the first country club in the southeast to be awarded such an honor. Through the continued efforts of our certified Golf Course Superintendent, Chris Fletcher, to maintain our wildlife habitat, we have increased our wildlife population to include large snapping turtles, herons, hawks, beaver, deer, red fox, coyote, and about 37 species of birds.
At The Standard Club, we are delighted to unveil a new chapter in our renowned history. With a $13.2 million renovation investment, we've seamlessly blended the timeless charm that has defined The Standard Club for generations with a fresh and modern perspective, creating an unparalleled experience for our members. This includes an overall refresh to our clubhouse interior and beautification projects to the golf course, as well as the installation of a brand new state-of-the-art irrigation system on the golf course.

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